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WINNING WAYS SERIES #6 - I Know That Thou Can Do ALL Things And That NO PURPOSE Of Yours Can Be Thwarted.. Job 42:2.

Beloved, this is the eleventh month of the year and equally I know a lot of plans were set out from the beginning of the year. So many resolutions and goals were outlined but up till this moment the realization hasn't come to fulfillment. 
A lot of responsibilities shouldering on you, yet you can't understand what is going on. Initially you said 2016 was your year of favor and double portion but the reality on ground now is disputing that thought and you begin to wonder what went wrong? Why
me, am I different from others and so on. Today as you read I want to let you know there is still hope even though the year is just left with one month. God can still fix that ugly situation of yours. Sometime ago about last week, I pondered  on a certain football match played in the year 1996 between  Nigeria and Brazil, it was a semi final of an Olympic tournament. We knew the history very well for everyone has tipped Brazil as the favorites as they began living up to the expectation as predicted. Did you know Nigeria was three goal to one down into the second half? Now take note of what I am about to say no - despite the scoreline against Nigeria, the boys never gave up, a lot of us out of anger tuned off our TV set and said no hope because it was 12minutes left with a 3-1 scoreline. We had written them off already but God never did. In the 78th minutes something began to happened just like the prophesy of the dry bones in Ezekiel, a second goal came for Nigeria and hopes began to be restored until the 90th minutes when it was about to be over, an equalizer came from Kanu Nwankwo that forced the march to an extra time and with a golden rule of who ever score first automatically becomes the winner. Lo and behold Nigeria did it and shook the whole foundation of the world and eventually went to the final and won the cup. What is that thing people have written off about you? They said you will never get marry and I ask - are they your maker? Have they said you won't build your own house or buy your own cars or even conceive? Now hear this, in as much as they didn't begin your journey on this earth they can't determine how you will end. Yes it is the eleventh month of the year it doesn't matter for God can turn that situation in a twinkling of an eye just like the scenario above. It doesn't take God time to change that condition you are going through right now. A minute is too big for Him to remember you. Just hold onto that belief and don't give up there is always a light at the tunnel, surely you shall overcome. We have every reason to write those guys off just like you have been written off but God said no for my ways are not man ways, for He alone is abundantly able to do all things for your sake, He's is the way maker, He knows your name and what you are going through. Just hold on one more time that next testimony could just be you, believe me you will never end this way. Your laughter will soon be heard all over the places where you have been abandoned, rejected and forsaken. It is well. SHALOM
Evang Tony.

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